Trade is an integral part of different economies of the world. Countries across the continents indulge in national, international trade using air, and land as a medium to import and export goods and services all over the world. The electronic medium has revolutionized this business manifolds. It has increased the horizon of trade and expanded the business of entrepreneurs small or big. It gives the opportunity to small and big business entrepreneurs to popularize their product and extend the market for the same with fewer efforts of roaming around to find the market and customers for the products and making arrangements to deliver the same to the customers within specific time limit and location.

E-commerce is much more than a medium for the sale and purchases of good and service also enabling the monetary transactions. It is an indicator of economic development of the nation. Efforts of the present government to make the country as Digital India are attempts to promote e-commerce which is an indicator of technological progress the nation has made and is making attempts to spread it all across the country at fast rate and speed symbolizing growth. It has social advantages as it reduces the risk of monetary loss person use to suffer while traveling, carrying a large amount of, and money for or from business transactions. E-commerce facilitates the online transfer of funds which help in tracing the account details of the person and can be used as a measure to check the flow of money and regulating the black money which prohibits economic development of the nation and increases the social disparity.

E-commerce websites promote buying and selling of products after giving information about the product to the customer and enabling him different options for making payments after he selects the product and places order for the same. Number and types of e-commerce websites are numerous which lead to cut-throat competition among the website developers and business promoters. The website portals have to be unique and flexible facilitating the users to choose and buy a product or avail the services which suit their needs and requirements.

The script of the portal should be able to explain and highlight the essential features of the company or product in a way that it clears all the doubts of the client and at the same time impress him with unique features and elements which make him shop from the selected website and add to the profits of website owner. The visual impact of the products also makes a lot of difference. Pictures, Images, should be clear and well adjusted with the content which should go parallel to their description facilitating the reader to maintain coordination in what they read about the product and what they see about it in an image. E-commerce websites which add new customers and add more and more customers through the medium of distributors, web stores, manufacturers, partners, and in-house sale have a high rate of success and more profits.

Above paragraph briefly gives an idea that designing and development of an e-commerce website needs expert hands and creative ideas which makes website portal unique and expressive beating along all the other competitors. Designers of the website plan the first page which wins the heart satisfy the brain and force the visitor to buy a product. The first and foremost step they pay attention to is the theme of the portal page which should be in coordination with the product the website aims to sell. Robots, technical devices in the background are a good option for a gadget selling website.

E-commerce websites do not provide a real atmosphere for purchasing the item it has to create one for the customer. The images of the product should not be ambiguous and small which hinder the clear vision. The showcasing of the product in the image should be reflecting color, shape, size, weight, and thickness in an exact proportion which helps the customer to select the product as per his suitability. Hidden information, wrong information, and half information will take away the traffic from your website making you lose your customers. Correct and accurate information works the other way round. It is advisory to keep the shipping charges less which should be mentioned separately apart from the MRP helping the customer to know the exact price of the commodity and also enjoy the pleasure of paying less and enjoy delivery of product at home. It is time for a shopping cart to work as your visiting card which gives all the details of your business and gets customer right at your webpage. It should help the customer to order multiple items, revise orders, remove and add items to the palette giving information about the summary of the order list total price one has to pay and other details facilitating the shopping.

Guest checkouts have become essential for many of the e-commerce websites which help in maintaining a conversation, follow-ups with the customers but in reality, customers take this part as a burden and are not much happy filling and giving personal details all they want is a rapid purchase of a product which saves their time of visiting market. If possible one should try to opt out the guest checkouts or, maintain them requiring minimum information from the customer as less as email id. Payment options are the next which customers want to know about before buying online. Keeping all the options available as a mode of payment is the best you can do to facilitate your customers. Electronic medium and cash on delivery both options help you to satisfy all types of customers while they shop from your portal.

The most important part of an e-commerce website is to win the faith of customers assuring them their problems matter a lot to the owner and every attempt will be made to resolve them as early as possible. The website should flash all the contact information including phone numbers, email ids enabling customers to report a complaint or suggestion. A brief history, information about the working structure of the organization helps in winning the confidence of customers and establishing deep roots of faith. It is an advisable step to write a disclaimer and privacy policy for your website which assures your customers about the risks and claims you do not cover and help them to trust you for the transparency you maintain with them in your work structure.

E-commerce does not have security guards or camera eyes to secure its departmental stores. They have to make use of other software applications which keeps the information of their customers secure and protect their websites from hachure which can distort the business and ruin your relations with your customers. Rating the services and review option help the customers to give their feedback. The feedback facilitates the service providers to make further improvements and raise standards of the services.

E-commerce websites are expanding their horizons as they are beneficiary not only for customers but also for the retailers who can double their earnings sitting at home by fetching new customers to their portal and giving them what they want. The portal allows the sellers to display highlights of their products on the page without disturbing the customer and forcing him to know about new products in the catalog. The best part of the e-commerce website is it helps the seller to have an insight into the buying behavior of the customers. It reflects the types of commodities which are more attractive for his customers and accordingly, he can plan his selling schedules. Web business does not require as much paper formalities as setting up a store, shop. You can start it with the electronic medium, less staff, and small space in contrast. The satisfaction you deliver to your customers, faith you win of your customers get a token of appreciation when they rate you high and write reviews rewarding you with increased traffic on your portal. It sets no boundaries for you to set your business. It gives you sky as a limit. It is a medium to go beyond the borders of nations and continents to expand the business and pockets of profit.

There are numerous benefits which e-commerce website offer for both customers and retailers however it does have certain limitations which somehow are the reasons for people to prefer online shopping as a supplement than a visit to a market. The absence of personal touch online shopping does not satisfy the sensation of touch, taste and smell not letting the person feel the texture, fiber which are essential elements when we decide to buy a product. It is only possible through the internet and only by those people who know the access to the same although the nation has made progress in the field of technology and literacy rate still, a lot is yet to be done to make the rural folk of the country avail the facility of online shopping and enjoy the benefits.